Sam Kingswood, Rap's Mr. Nice Guy


"Rap's Mr. Nice Guy. Born near the busy,
vibrant city of London, England, at a time when hip hops greatest artists rose to power. Inspired, from a young age Sam showed interest in rap, it’s creativity and tendency to address issues not previously addressed in main stream media, a trait Sam developed in his own work. Since 2007, Sam has created music which put his own fresh take on recent events, social norms and ideologies.
As well as having his own voice, Sam Took inspiration from Other Artists, Whilst Starting Out His Music In A Rap Group Known As Couz1 Recordings, Sam learnt about the direction in music he wanted to take. He Started To explore How To Create And Adapt Flows, Write Structured Lyrics And Record Them Professionally For Distribution. Sam Then Started Work Independently on Music Projects, Whilst Also In A Rap Group Known As My House. Sam Has Collaborated With Many Different Artists And Producers From All Over The World Including America, Africa And Europe. Right Now Sam Kingswood Is Still Working On Music And Is A Featured Artist For Dee House Productions with on going success. Sam Kingswood's Music Is Said To Be "Powerful, Thought Provoking, Meaningful Stories."



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