Starting Out His Career In 2005. NationofCharles accidentally stumbled across his rap talent after being challenged in a battle rap competition. Ever since he has been working on creating flows and beats that are tailored together. His writing style has many metaphors that sometimes require deep thought in order to analyse. NationofCharles begun recording in a professional setting alongside Sam Kingswood and Dee House P within the rap group, Couz1 Recordings. He then decided that he would break away with a few members and form the group, My House Recordings. He spent time perfecting his art in every way, experimenting with simple beats and using his vocals as a way of doing what he calls "Completing the beat." Right now NationofCharles has just dropped his first single release under Dee House Productions entitled; I Don't Need Love, and is currently working hard on a new E.P. for the New Year. 




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