Finis Instruments


Finis was born in Berlin in 1988 and made music for the first time in 2004. Finis started to rap under the name "Fate". In 2009 he founded the crew "Highend Musik" with 5 other rappers (Royal Size, Highjakka, Milo, D-Mex and Blackfist). In 2010, the first and so far only sampler was released. In the middle of 2010 the crew split up. Fate changed his name to Finis, under which he has produced beats since 2015. As a result, his name "Finis Instruments" was born. His beats are influenced by 80s balads, 90s disco songs, old school hip hop and modern pop and trap music. He worked with some artists from all over Germany, including Brachypelma, Haschnoch and Piranhas, until he met Sam Kingswood and became part of Dee House Productions.




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